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FAQ > How can I get an ITIN for my foreign spouse?

Getting married can change the status of your tax return, so it is important to find out what you and your spouse have to do before April around the rolls. For most couples, it makes sense to file jointly on their tax return. If a person is a foreigner, it is most likely necessary to file separately and study the ITIN application process. A non-citizen spouse must obtain an individual tax identification number. These are the steps to achieve this essential number:

  • Gather all important documents, such as your birth certificate and marriage certificate.
  • Complete an online ITIN application.
  • Put a package along with the rest of the documentation and mail to the IRS.

Why is your husband's needs for an ITIN number

For U.S. citizens, the social security number is the primary source of identification when filing a tax return. Who can obtain a social security number? In general, U.S. citizens or non-citizens who are authorized to work in this country are eligible for a social security number. Aliens or lawful permanent residents generally do not meet SSN eligibility. For those who cannot get a social security number and have income or are married to a citizen who files taxes, the ITIN number can help smooth this process.

Other factors to consider

Sometimes your foreign spouse has no income to declare for tax purposes. You can use the ITIN exception form to address this issue. It is also possible for some couples in this situation to file jointly, with the foreign spouse to opt for the status of resident alien. If you file jointly, your spouse will have to report any other income outside the U.S. on your tax return, which can be expensive.

Once you're ready to get your application goes, check out for help and advice throughout the process. In this case, you can even start filling out your application online and get closer to getting a tax advantage this year.


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