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FAQ > How long does it take to get an ITIN?

When you apply for your Individual Tax Identification Number, the process is required to print materials from your application. While you need to submit this completed application package or present it in person at an Internal Revenue Taxpayer Assistance Service Center, the use of ITIN application tools such as those that are available from ITIN W-7 application will help you with several time-saving features.

Taking the Guesswork Out of the Process

correct procedures must be followed when completing paperwork to ensure that it is not delayed due to errors. Fortunately, ITIN W-7 Application makes your job easier and reduces errors that can be added additional times in response to the normal six to eight week IRS. First, they help us eliminate confusion and simplify the ITIN application process by providing tutorials and step-by-step instructions for completing IRS Form W-7. Not only that, we provide comprehensive checklists of all the support materials you must include with your W-7 application package to verify your identity and foreign status.

Help when you need it most

In addition to these benefits, our FAQ gives you the answers you need to common questions, including how to check the status of your ITIN after you have sent in your material. More help is available from representatives in our live online chat if you get stuck while the application is being completed. With this type of information and assistance, you are in good hands with ITIN W-7 Application. If you have been issued an ITIN before, we can even save more time with our online TIN renewal application.

We will help you with your ITIN application

Start working with the easy-to-use online application ITIN W-7 Application. We offer several benefits, including detailed instructions, live assistance and a downloadable PDF to a printed and electronic media with your documentation or to present in person. To get answers to your questions about the process, use live chat.


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