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Instructions for Form W-7 for Required Documents

In order to submit your application form for an ITIN, you must include supporting documentation establishing your identity and your foreign status. If you are declared a dependent, you will have to prove your U.S. residency. These documents must be originals or copies certified by the appropriate agency. If you send original documents to the IRS with your W-7, they will be returned to the mailing address you provide. Unless you are applying for an ITIN renewal, you will also need to include the appropriate tax return.

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The form number ITIN requests the following data:

  • The reason you need an ITIN.
  • Your name and postal address.
  • Your address abroad (if different from your mailing address).
  • Your date of birth.
  • His place of birth.
  • The country in which you have citizenship.
  • Your U.S. visa number, if you have one.
  • Your foreign identification number, if applicable.
  • Once you answer this question on Form W-7, it can be sent to the IRS.

Requesting an ITIN Online Number

To enter data for Form W-7, click Start Application and begin filling it out. This provides you with an easy and simple way to fill out the information for your ITIN online. However, the IRS does not allow electronic filings of Form W-7 or accompanied tax returns. After filling out the online application, you will need to mail it to the IRS. It may take 6-10 weeks to get an ITIN, but the online application makes the process faster.

Getting an ITIN as a non-citizen is easier than you might think. When you work with ITIN W-7 Application, you gain access to a team of customer service representatives dedicated to helping you through the process. For additional information, output or W-7 form instructions or use our convenient chat service to get help from one of our voting team members.


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