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FAQ > How can I get an ITIN number quickly?

If you need a TIN number to file your taxes, you can expect the process to be complex and difficult. Everything related to taxes and the IRS may sound like it's going to be a headache and take forever. However, here is a quick and easy process to receive your ITIN:

  1. Fill out the W7 online tax form
  2. Review of documents required for the ITIN
  3. Follow our simple presentation instructions

Here's how you can complete these three simple steps:

The ITIN online application

You don't have to waste time filling out the physical papers. With ITIN W-7 applications, you can easily fill out our simplified form. You can complete IRS Form W-7 in minutes.

Carefully read the list of documents

To receive an ITIN, the IRS must verify your identity and alien status. If you do not send the proper documentation, your ITIN application may be denied. That's why we have a checklist and ITIN W7 instructions for you to follow. Supporting documents you can use are: original passport, certified copy of passport, USCIS photo ID, Department of State visa, driver's license, ID card, U.S. birth certificate. Unless you present your passport, you need separate documents to prove your identity and foreign status. Visit our checklist page for more information.

Follow the instructions

Once you complete our easy online application, it's time to send it all to the IRS. If you make a mistake, the IRS cannot receive your application or it may be rejected. For this reason, you will want to verify that all information is accurate, include federal tax returns, and submit your ITIN application packet to the IRS.

You don't need to be afraid to apply for your ITIN, as it's actually quite easy. If you are ready to apply, start filling out the online form. If you have any questions throughout any part of the process, feel free to contact our customer service support staff.


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